Time To Declassify Truth – Reveal the Secret 28 Pages for 9/11 Transparency

- By Les Jamieson - Coordinator - www.hr14.org

Time to Declassify Truth – Reveal the Secret 28 Pages for 9/11 TransparencyRemember the ‘missing 18 minutes’ of the Watergate tapes? They’re nothing compared to the missing 28 Pages of the joint House-Senate Intelligence Committee report on 9/11 that have been kept secret since President Bush classified them way back in 2002.

Now with mainstream media coverage of the 28 pages containing evidence of Saudi funding of several Arabs blamed for the hijackings, awareness of “the 9/11 Transparency Movement” is growing.

We also have statements by legislators pointing to how details within those pages must be revealed in response to current national security concerns, as well as pointing to a “pattern of cover up”. This amounts to unprecedented opportunity to take 9/11 activism to the next level. After years of effort to get political action to fully expose the reality of 9/11, we now have a foundation to pressure this government to “declassify the truth” which begins with declassifying what the 9/11 families have sought - to reveal the money trail. This will support their law suit against the Saudi government which has been reinstated by a federal appeals court.

Back on Jan. 6, 2015, Walter Jones (R-NC) and Steven Lynch (D-MA) introduced a resolution to the House of Representatives calling on President Obama to release the 28 pages. The resolution is called H.RES. 14. With the introduction of Senate Bill 1471 introduced by Rand Paul on June 2, 2015 as a parallel action to H.RES. 14, visibility of the 28 pages issue has risen yet again.

This opportunity cannot be understated. For starters, we can now pressure our elected representatives to read the 28 pages, which we’ve already seen has caused a major awakening from those who have done so. This alone will bring them to the realization that the 19 Arabs blamed for the hijackings could not have acted alone, but had material support within the U.S., that the Bush family actually shaped national policy based on their business relationship with Saudi royals and not the interests of the country, and Saudi royals are being protected regardless that they continue to jeopardize U.S. national security policy. In other words, funding of extremist groups is being protected while the American people are being told to fear another “9/11 type attack”.

For all who have worked many years to create alliances with the Left, only to be dismissed and disparaged as “fringe, loony conspiracy theorists”, we are now in an entirely new position. With members of Congress now calling for the declassification of evidence on 9/11 which has been wrongly withheld from the 9/11 families and public for 14 years, supported by mainstream coverage, this movement has risen to a whole new level of legitimacy.

From my vantage point, given the political reality we’re in and the level of cognitive dissonance still prevalent in so much of the public, it's unlikely we'll get another opportunity like this. We can’t count on a Snowden-type whistleblower to break through. If we fail to act, rather than obtain accountability for 9/11, the official myths will prevail and decades will pass with the power players behind the 9/11 agenda advancing their objectives for global hegemony despite millions of people around the world questioning the official narrative.

If these points aren’t enough, the prospects of Jeb Bush running for president and the prospect of the Justice Department pursuing a conviction against Khaleed Sheikh Mohammed to solve the crime and close the case on 9/11 should cause all to rise to the call to action now.

If anyone has reservations about the 28 pages, consider this. They were wrongfully classified to begin with. No president should be allowed to get away with this. Exposing what’s in those pages will also point to the Bush dynasty deep state apparatus, and then point to the Bush/PNAC agenda, which required a new Pearl Harbor. This is just for starters. The fraudulent global war on terror will be exposed for what it is.

Furthermore, the politicians calling for the release of the 28 pages are involved in a titanic battle within the Washington power structure. They are going up against the proponents of global hegemony who are pursuing their goals at all costs. These politicians absolutely need our help and they need it right now. They've basically set the stage for us to show we are a large political constituency. This will require that we focus, organize, and set some short and medium term goals.

Here’s what there is to do now:

  1. Please sign the petition at http://diy.rootsaction.org/p/declassify28. This organization is very supportive of the issue because there is legislation now in Congress.
  2. Go to hr14.org. Get informed. The Resources section has plenty of background. Go to the Take Action section where we have 2 automatic forms to lobby your legislators by inserting your zip code. Under Letter to the House, you can send a letter to your member of the House of Representatives. Under Letter to the Senate, a letter will go to your 2 senators.
  3. Next, we need help organizing to generate a groundswell of support for the brave politicians who have led the effort. We need people for organizing social networking campaigns, media outreach, truth movement outreach, and more. Please see the Contact Us section at the hr14.org site and get in touch. If there's anything you need, let us know.

Time is of the essence. Let’s make history!